This post is part of the Frequently Asked Questions section of my blog. I will pick a frequently asked question(s) about the Intra package tracking software and then explain what it is and how it works. Note: These questions and answers should apply for most reputable package tracking systems, but will vary depending on software configuration. For this post, I’m going to answer this question: What is the email notification service and how does it work?

The email notification service is a standard feature in most package tracking solutions, campus logistics systems, and business process management systems. Intra Enterprise uses this service to automatically create customizable email messages to alert recipients, users, or managers of routine or exceptional changes in the status of a tracked item. As Intra tracks the steps of a process, each step has a different ‘status’. When an item hits a flagged status corresponding to a particular point in the process, the service generates an email. For instance, to alert a recipient an item is on its way to their desk, a user may simply flag the ‘Out for Delivery’ status as their ‘email’ status. Once configured, each time an item enters that status, an email is triggered. As part of the Management Console, custom email messages may be edited for each status. The service launches automatically and is ready for use at any time. The service requires access to an SMTP Gateway and is installed as a service on the Microsoft server platforms, ensuring a high level of availability.

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