Every healthcare facility is tasked with reducing costs while maintaining efficiency and sustainability at the same time. Unlike package tracking software products, in-building logistics platforms have more than just one use-case within a facility. This is a game-changer for managers because they can spread the cost of the system across multiple departments, decreasing their overall spend – win! Here are four (4) applications for facility management software platforms within a healthcare facility:


Ensuring all the medical supplies, such as needles, syringes, gloves, gauze, and medical tape, are always at par levels is crucial in a medical facility. If you’re tracking by hand, paper records and lost supplies are frequent problems. In-building logistics platforms allow users to easily view supply statuses to see if items are below par, at par, or above par to make sure everything is properly stocked. Moreover, users can keep track of all incoming supplies by scanning package barcodes and checking them into their designated locations.


Eliminating misplaced or lost packages would dramatically reduce costs for any mailroom operation. Ensure items received from carriers are delivered to the proper destination (person or department), allowing for managers to maintain complete accountability from the dock to the desktop. Take this a step even further and integrate with the hospital’s ERP system. This allows you to receive packages by line item and close purchase orders all within one screen.


How could you keep track of hospital assets, such as medical equipment, wheelchairs, and hospital beds, when literally every person and piece of equipment is constantly moving around? An IWMS system can easily track items – simply barcode equipment and locations and scan items in and out. Assign items to rooms, departments, or even people so you know who, what, when, and where an item is at any given point in time.

Visitor Tracking

Visitors are constantly coming and going within hospitals – patient visitors, pharmaceutical and medical equipment representatives, students, and vendors. Assign visitors to patients, staff, or departments so you know exactly who is in your facility, creating a more secure campus.

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