Over the last decade, there have been plenty of technological advances that have transformed the logistics space. Innovations such as package tracking and smart lockers have forever changed the way we interact with the mail and parcels we receive. Today, a burgeoning technological service is just beginning to move to the forefront: digital mail.

Digital mail is offering companies a way to boost efficiency and create quicker access to incoming documents, all while reducing unwanted mail and physical human-to-human contact. How does this technical wizardry work? Here’s a quick breakdown.

What Is Digital Mail?

Digital mail is a combined mail and scanning process; in this workflow, incoming white mail is converted into a digital format and is delivered to an addressee electronically or physically. This process enables companies to merge the incoming mail stream with the digital information/document stream as soon as it is received.

How Does the Digital Mail Workflow Work?

As mentioned previously, digital mail involves the scanning and digital filing of receivables. Here are the steps for the Intra Mail System:

  1. When paper mail arrives at a mail center, a staff member takes a picture of the envelope on a mobile device and assigns it to a recipient.
  2. Send an email notification to the assigned recipient (this step is completed automatically in Intra). The notification contains a picture of the mail and a link to select their handling preference.
  3. The recipient uses the client service portal to designate an action for the white mail – scan, pick-up, delivery, or recycle (other variables are available based on your process).
  4. The selected task is added to the Intra Fulfillment Screen for the mail center to complete.

Why is Digital Mail So Important?

The service of digital mail could not be more critical than it is right now. As the nation navigates this pandemic, companies are searching for ways to continue to provide services to their remote workforce while maintaining social distancing between all entities within their facilities. Digital Mail provides visibility to clients and allows them the opportunity to choose how they want their mail handled. Depending on the complexity of the services offered, such as mail scanning and mail forwarding, each mail center has the opportunity to reduce human-to-human contact for their entire operation; this is an excellent way to ensure the safety and security of your mail center.

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