In this blog series, we will sit down with an employee at SCLogic and ask them five questions about their role with the company and their favorite Intra components. This week, we sat down with Adam Bower. Check out the interview below:

Marketing: What is your role at SCLogic?
Adam: I am a Customer Success Manager for our higher education customers, which means I work with them to get the most out of their investment in the software.

Marketing: What’s the best part about your job?
Adam: The customer interaction is hands down the best part. I really enjoy helping our customers create a more efficient system to serve their customer base better.

Marketing: What’s your favorite feature in Intra? Why?
Adam: The Customer Service Portal is by far the best feature. As a University Mail Manager, I could drive my customers to the portal, and limit the phone calls. It also allowed my customers to interact with my department, collect service requests, and provide a way to document and charge for those requests.

Marketing: What’s your favorite workflow or integration? Why?
Adam: The Advanced Mail Forwarding feature is, by far, my favorite feature. This feature automated the mail forwarding process, and allowed my department to establish business rules, standardized our services, and saved a ton of time when it came to forwarding mail, especially at the end of each semester.

Marketing: What future innovation are you the most excited about?
Adam: I am most excited about our artificial Intelligence name matching feature, which will save so much time for our customers when they receive packages each day.