In this blog series, we will sit down with an employee at SCLogic and ask them five questions about their role with the company and their favorite Intra components. This week, we sat down with Alicia Davis. Check out the interview below:

Marketing: What is your role at SCLogic?
Alicia: I am the Product Manager at SCLogic. My role is to manage the short- and long-term strategy of our product suite. I work closely with the VP of Software Development on what we call Sprint Releases: a review and prioritization of features and bug fixes broken into biweekly work. Sprint releases are done to continually elevate and improve our product. We complete research and conduct meetings and interviews with internal and external stakeholders to create a product roadmap that is innovative, relevant, and timely to our customer base.

Marketing: What’s the best part about your job?
Alicia: Day-to-day, the best part is problem-solving with a team I love. On a grand scale, getting to be a part of a product’s strategic planning is exciting. Both make for fulfilling work.

Marketing: What’s your favorite feature in Intra? Why?
Alicia: That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child! In more general terms, I love hearing when we create functionality that improves someone’s quality of work life, so my favorite features are the ones that make jobs easier, both for internal groups like SCLogic Technical Support and Integrations, as well as for our customers.

Marketing: What’s your favorite workflow or integration? Why?
Alicia: Here we go asking for favorites again. I love our IntraKit API because it makes our integrations simple yet powerful. It makes us a good partner and broadens our scope without a great deal of effort. That’s smart development and, thus, smart product.

Marketing: What future innovation are you the most excited about?
Alicia: I’m really excited about the next major version of the CSP. It’s going to take everything our customers love about v7 and redo the things that could be better from the ground up on a modern, mobile-first framework. The results should be something that’s ready to take the company and our customers to the next level of campus logistics.

What do you love the most about Intra? Do you have a favorite feature? Let us know in the comments below or email us at [email protected].