In this blog series, we will sit down with an employee at SCLogic and ask them five questions about their role with the company and their favorite Intra components. This week, we sat down with Bryan Cockey. Check out the interview below:

Marketing: What is your role at SCLogic?
Bryan: I’m the Manager of Tech Services, overseeing our support and implementation teams. I also serve as a primary contact during the sales-to-implementation hand-off, working with customers to highlight key points in the install process.

Marketing: What’s the best part about your job?
Bryan: Working with our fantastic support team. Our group is absolutely solid and handles whatever is thrown at them day-after-day.

Marketing: What’s your favorite feature in Intra? Why?
Bryan: I think it’s probably dashboards and fulfillment screens. These provide a quick way for users to reference data in the mail-center and the ability to update items on-the-fly, which un-tethers users from the client workstation, opening up tons of possibilities in their workflows.

Marketing: What’s your favorite workflow or integration? Why?
Bryan: Probably Smart Lockers. I like that they take a load off of our users and increase the number of items they can process by putting the pick-up effort on the recipient. It’s a really slick experience for the recipient when they swipe their card, and a door just pops open with their package inside.

Marketing: What future innovation are you the most excited about?
Bryan: I think the upcoming UPS and FedEx integrations are going to change the game. Since the bulk of the data capture is sent to us by the carriers, we can take a lot of work off the users and speed up their processes. Not only does this save time, effort, and prevents user error, but this also makes their data even more accurate.

What do you love the most about Intra? Do you have a favorite feature? Let us know in the comments below or email us at [email protected].