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For any company, safety is a top priority. Yes, this means physical safety, but also includes the safety of important or confidential company documents, programs, or property. In recent years, there has been a significant spike in cybersecurity threats, leaving many sectors feeling overwhelmed and hesitant to integrate new software without thorough vetting. Modern technology has become a staple in almost every area of the workplace, and that includes facilities management. At SCLogic, we’ve had decades of experience working with government agencies, military branches, and more to craft a customized in-building logistics solution that puts cybersecurity at the forefront. Here, our team of facility management software experts discuss how our in-building logistics software, Intra, works tirelessly to keep your government facility safe and working as efficiently as possible.

Intra’s Secure Software Development Focus

When developing new versions of our core software platform, Intra, our team has made it a priority to develop software with security at the forefront. During each stage of the development process, our team ensures that our software is developed through the highest technology standards. We develop our Intra software using the following guidelines:

  1. Microsoft Guidelines for Secure Coding

    At SCLogic, our vulnerability testing procedures rigorously review security requirements addressing access control (network access and physical access) data management and data access, environmental controls, human resource security, audit trails, and usage records.

  2. .NET Framework Security

    Security is one of the most important issues to consider in software development. The Microsoft .NET Framework provides a rich security system, capable of confining code to run in tightly constrained, administrator-defined security contexts.

  3.  Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Model: Agile

    We employ the Agile software development model. This model is one in which requirements and solutions evolve through a collaborative effort of self-organization, cross-functional teams, and our end users. It advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continual improvement, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

Intra’s Mobile Client and Infrastructure Component Security

In addition to understanding the need for comprehensive software that incorporates all the functionalities needed for government entities to run smoothly, we also understand the need for mobile-first computing in a fast-paced environment. For our mobile client security through both Android and iOS, Intra is secured through the latest versions of HTTPS encryptions, and local data is stored in a SQL Lite database, meaning only the Intra application has read/write access to the local data store. Sensitive data, such as cached passwords, are stored using one-way hashing.

For managers and employees working in large government facilities, this is a game-changer, as it allows your team to work effectively without compromising safety. Our team also goes through an extensive testing process before working with any government facility to confirm that all steps have been taken for a safe and comprehensive platform to be incorporated into your facility. From manual inspections and reviews to threat modeling, code review, penetration testing, and more, we do not skip a beat when it comes to security.

SCLogic’s Prioritization of Government-Focused Partnerships & Certifications

While many software development companies emphasize their prioritization of security across the board, SCLogic stands apart when it comes to supporting government organizations. We obtain relevant certifications, continuously work to remain innovative in the governmental software sector, and establish partnerships with military and government-based facilities management organizations, such as Colossal. We work with Colossal to meet SDVOSB requirements and place our offerings on the GSA Schedule to assist with ease of access for local, state, federal, and tribal government organizations.

Additionally, we are 508 compliant,  and have achieved the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certifications of Guide for Developing Security Plans for Federal Information Systems (800-18), and Recommended Security Controls for Information Systems and Organizations (800-53). While these are our current partnerships and certifications surrounding government-focused initiatives, this does not mean that we are not continuously working to grow our expertise in the government sector. With our headquarters located in downtown Annapolis, Maryland, our proximity to military and federal government agencies provides us with an edge to collaborate with other businesses in the government, facilities management, and technology sectors.

Work With SCLogic to Improve Your Facilities Management & Security

For government agencies of any size, security is of utmost importance. With dated software, you find yourself widening gaps for cybersecurity breaches to occur within your facility. Not only is this dangerous to your entire organization, but if not acted on quickly, may lead to extensive damage and cost control to regain adequate security and vital documents. At SCLogic, we understand that adopting new software products and programs can be a difficult transition, especially with the regulations surrounding the approval process and employee retention. That is why we have worked to create configurable and comprehensive solutions through Intra specifically for government agencies, focused on security while still allowing ease-of-use for efficient workflows to take place. To learn more about our history, involvement, and expertise with local, state, and federal government organizations, email marketi[email protected] or schedule a demo with our team today.