SCLogic’s Bruce Little recently had an article featured in Mailing Systems Technology, the article is titled “Logistics Tools for the Twenty-First Century Mail Center.” Bruce discusses how the industry has changed and how to leverage logistics tools to work for you. You can read an excerpt below featuring a very popular subject among Universities, Virtual Mailboxes.

“While package volumes may be increasing, white mail volumes have decreased drastically. Most mail centers have rows and rows of mailboxes that are hardly used. Why not repurpose some of that space and implement a more streamlined solution like virtual mailboxes? A virtual mailbox is essentially a bank of file folders. The barcoded folders represent each individual’s mailbox and essentially uses the same functionality as your package tracking system. When a particular person receives mail, it is placed in their folder and the barcode is scanned to notify them, via email or text message, that they have mail to pick up. The individual can then go to the mail center’s pick-up window to retrieve and sign for their mail. Virtual mailboxes not only free up space, but they decrease the amount of lost mail, provide complete accountability, and ensure mail is picked up in a timely fashion.

For larger organizations, utilizing an automated mail sorting machine that distributes a wide variety of mail into a convenient mode of delivery bins in a single pass may revolutionize the time it takes to sort all that junk mail from the important pieces of accountable mail using a wide range of sorting options including name, department, building, floor, and more.”

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