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Intra provides the platform where managers can quickly view and manage incoming asset requests while aligning with corporate green initiatives.

Common Asset Problems

No Storage Space

No way to know specifically where assets are at any given time. Loads of unused, old equipment laying around. No way to track storage or time use by departments. Lack of visibility into how much space is available.

Too Many Calls

Excessive phone calls from employees requesting new assets, repairs, moves, disposals, or transfers.

Wasting Resources

Most maintenance is reactive vs preventative, as there is no data available to study for trends. If tracking asset locations at all, long paper trail of manual asset logs.


1. Efficiently conduct everyday room sweeps with To-Do lists

2. Assigned asset tasks are sent directly to operator handhelds

3. Run detailed reports on response times, exceptions, and SLAs

4. Quickly react to incoming asset requests as well as automate your planned maintenance schedules

5. Quickly request an asset through an intuitive online portal

6. Gain complete asset visibility – asset history is stored so you know who, what, when, and where assets are at any give point

7. Real-time utilization analysis – generate reports based on when assets expire, need service, or need to be disposed

8. Analyze and recommend purchase and allocation of assets based on reports

9. Close the accountability loop by collecting signatures upon asset delivery

10. Green initiatives – sell or recycle assets rather than disposing in a landfill

Client Services Portal

Included & Optional Workflows

Included Workflows


Add Assets

Move Assets

Transfer Asset Ownership

Asset Rental & Check-Out

Asset Disposal

Asset Audit

Optional Workflows


Surplus Management

Warehousing & Storage Management

Tech Recycle




Ready to see a demo? Schedule one today!

Ready to see a demo? Schedule one today!

Integrations, SLAs & KPIs



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Average Age of Hardware Assets

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

Assets Without Lifecycle Status

# of Assets Stored in a Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year

# of Assets Checked-Out by Department, Employee

Missed Asset Inspections/Audits

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