The process of managing a task through its life cycle.

Use Cases:

Restocking supplies – pens, ink cartridges, paper, printer toner
Conference room clean up or set up
Cleaning – kitchen, bathroom, office
Sweeps – mail, maintenance, packages, print jobs


The following Intra Task Management workflow is one example of how an organization might use the Intra platform to streamline and prioritize web requests, dispatch service workers, confirm request completions, and measure productivity.

Create Request – The user logs into the Client Services Portal (CSP) using a web browser and creates a new request. The user then selects the contact from a dynamic recipient list and the location and facility information is auto-filled based on their selection.

Receipt & Notification – A printable receipt is generated for the request, an email notification is sent to the requestor and facilities manager, and the request is added to the manager’s work schedule via the CSP fulfillment screen.

Assign – In the CSP, a request can automatically be assigned to a service team member or manually approved and assigned by a manager.

Complete – the service team member completes the job, changes the status of the request to complete on the mobile device or within the CSP, and an email notification is sent to the requestor.


Response times
Time to complete task
Conference room reset benchmark
Request trends
Department efficiency


Improve process communication – notify service team members and requestors with status updates via automated emails or text messages
Adhere to company standards – notify service team members when services are overdue, potentially creating SLA exceptions
Streamline request management – manage multiple requests simultaneously in one dashboard, eliminating paper forms or email requests
Cost savings – save money by avoiding overspending on items that are already in stock and by maintaining planned maintenance schedules
Complete Operations visibility – view dashboard with active requests in all statuses on any device (i.e. desktop, tablet, phone)
Demonstrate operational transparency and control by overseeing all tasks as they are assigned and completed by your maintenance team.
Provide a sleek and refreshingly straightforward online guest portal that will transform the way users submit and track the status of their request

Task management is also for your everyday tasks. Select or scan the location to obtain the specific tasks that must be completed. For everyday tasks, select the frequency for the tasks (ie. daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). Quickly confirm tasks are completed with the click of a button. Support SLA requirements by ensuring tasks are completed within the designated time-frame.

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