Facilities management is part of almost every work sector; however, some areas require more considerable in-building logistics capabilities than others. A comprehensive, secure, and modern facilities management solution is not just a want but a need for government agencies. When working with documents and packages that require detailed oversight, you want software you can trust. At SCLogic, we have had over a quarter-century of experience working with government agencies to craft a configurable, secure solution for your facility’s needs. Here, our team takes a deep dive into our work with local and federal government agencies and how we can help you implement one of the best in-building logistics software solutions the industry has to offer. 

SCLogic’s Successful History with Government Agencies

Before we dive into our workflows designed for government agencies, we believe it’s essential to establish some background on our work! After all, with constant growth in technology, AI, and other modern innovations, you deserve to work with a company that has a proven track record of success. We know that the world of federal contracting is fast-moving and competitive and that we must be prepared to move quickly and efficiently for any government contract that comes our way. As a response, we have worked to form meaningful partnerships, obtain government certifications, and more to stay ahead of the curve. Not only are we a Maryland Certified Small Business, located close to numerous major government agencies, but we are a proud service-disabled veteran-owned small business partner. 

We’ve partnered with Colossal Contracting to meet SDVOSB requirements. The federal government is responsible for providing opportunities for service-disabled veterans, and we are excited to collaborate with a major veteran-led business to help further our initiatives with government agencies. Additionally, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under the U.S. Departments of Commerce is no problem for us. We support their mission to promote innovation and industrial competitiveness, which is why our Intra software is NIST certified and accredited for under the following: 

Finally, we are also on Colossal Contracting’s GSA, or General Services Administration, schedule for purchasing our software. Our Intra government logistics software is approved and certified with the following:

  •       Section 508 Certified – making electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to those with disabilities.
  •       TRM Approved for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA Hospitals) – TRM, or technical reference model, is a component of the VA Enterprise Architecture (EA) that establishes a common vocabulary and structure used for developing and maintaining enterprise applications.
  •  FIPS 140 Compliant – Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules

Intra Workflows Customized for Government Agencies

Now that we’ve established our history, certifications, and partnerships that help us serve government agencies in the highest capabilities, it’s time to move on to specifics. Our Intra Enterprise software is designed to help facilities navigate the complexities of package tracking, asset tracking, task management, and more. We understand that for government agencies, these daily management tasks are not just a run-of-the-mill occurrence. They should be carefully monitored, with extensive oversight and software that prioritizes organization, reporting/data, and ease-of-use for employees. We have found the following workflows to be a fantastic solution for government agencies, although these do not nearly encompass the vast array of workflows our team offers. 

Package Tracking Workflow With POLIR

POLIR, or P.O. Line Item Receiving, is a functionality in our Package Tracking Workflow that should not be overlooked. Through this workflow, government agencies can use Intra to streamline incoming packages, dispatch couriers, always confirm the chain-of-custody, and measure productivity both internally and with partners. By integrating our POLIR functionality with your financial application (ERP system), POLIR ties together the purchase order, tracking number, and paid voucher for all-encompassing purchase visibility and accountability.

Not only does this prevent misplacement of packages, but it provides additional oversight for management to ensure that SLAs are being met with external partners and internal daily workflows are as efficient as possible. Specifically, for VAMCs (Veterans Affairs Medical Centers), VistA is used as the central information system. Still, it is not designed to provide an accurate view of on-site resources or track proof-of-delivery. Intra solves this problem through our Package Tracking Workflow, alleviating confusion, embarrassment, and frustration for many departments. 

Asset Logistics Workflow

Another workflow that our team has adjusted to suit government agencies well is our Asset Logistics Workflow. This workflow allows your team to manage all assets within a facility, including computers, phones, and other technology specific to your governmental department. Additionally, this workflow allows your team to manage surplus, perform asset audits, streamline incoming requests for new assets, and grant permission to recycle old or broken assets. With many government agencies in extensive facilities with assets constantly moving around, having comprehensive software to keep track of these vitally essential pieces provides peace of mind. 

See SCLogic’s Intra FM Software in Action

When implementing a new in-building logistics software, especially for government agencies, a significant amount of research must be done to ensure that your new platform will support your unique needs. With customers including the DOJ, DOE, U.S. Air Force, and many VA medical centers, we have the capability to handle government agencies of any size. With a team of knowledgeable and technically skilled professionals who work with you through every step of the process, SCLogic is one of the leading in-building logistics solution companies, and we are filled with a growth mindset. We work daily to continue perfecting our software offerings so that you can handle your facilities management needs with confidence. To learn more, email [email protected] or schedule a demo with us today.