In one of our most recent posts, our team provided an overview of the critical differences between KPIs and SLAs and how both can positively impact your business. There is an assortment of issues that plague the mailroom, and for mailroom managers, finding practical solutions can feel almost impossible. The good news? Our team has over a quarter-century of experience crafting configurable solutions for your pain points. Here, the mailroom management software experts at SCLogic discuss the top SLAs and KPIs for mailroom managers and how our in-building logistics software, Intra, can set your mailroom up for success.

Package Tracking: Keep Efficiency at the Forefront

One of the most prominent issues that plague mailrooms is a lack of efficiency in tracking and receiving software. From dated equipment to low staffing, mailroom managers may struggle daily in measuring against goals and customer service parameters. With SCLogic’s package tracking software, Intra, many of these woes will fall to the wayside, being replaced with configurable solutions to keep your mailroom ahead of the curve. Below are some package tracking workflow KPIs and SLAs you should consider.

Total Inbound and Outbound Mail Processed

Measuring the number of mail pieces and packages processed by your facility can help you forecast future investments, including labor or equipment. This data is vital, allowing you to discuss changes and improvements in processes with key stakeholders. As it relates to SLAs, tracking the amount of mail processed may lead to additional revenue, as you can provide accurate data showing that your organization can handle a high volume of mail and packages with little to no error.

Cost Per Package

When it comes down to it, money is one of the driving factors of any organization, specifically, getting the most return on investment. Using cost per package as a KPI allows you to see optimization opportunities, improve your mail center workflows, and allow for additional budget allocation. As it relates to SLAs, you are then able to show your end-user the value behind their investment, providing a competitive cost structure that may allow you to upsell in other service areas. 

Time to Deliver

While it may seem simple, time to deliver is a salient KPI to measure, as it genuinely shows both your internal team and the end-user where efficiencies may be missed. Whether it is through routes or delivery agents, knowing these gaps as a mailroom manager can expedite adjustments so you can focus on what is important. Concerning SLAs, this instills confidence when creating agreements, knowing that your agreed-upon minimum and maximum delivery times are as accurate as possible. With efficiencies like intelligent lockers and kiosks, contactless delivery options provide a myriad of modern options for your mailroom.

People Focused: Employees & Customers Alike

While measuring package-specific metrics is needed for a cohesive mailroom strategy, we cannot forget metrics related to employee and customer success. As a mailroom manager, you are spreading your time and energy amongst various aspects of mailroom functionality, all of which can lead to exhaustion and error if not distributed accordingly. Below are human-centered KPIs and SLAs that you should consider as a mailroom manager to keep your mailroom at the top of its game.

Packages Per Employee 

Measuring productivity through tracking packages per employee can ensure that your team is working to the best of their ability and utilizing their unique skillsets. Not only does this KPI help hold each employee accountable but shows areas in which you can maximize productivity within your team. This relates to SLAs in two ways – providing reassurance to the end-user that each employee has a manageable number of packages handled per day, instilling confidence in their ability to remain organized, and providing a level of efficiency to your end-user that may out-perform competitors. 

Downtime Per Package

Downtime per package is a KPI that can shed light on the inner workings and organization of your mailroom. As a mailroom manager, the more time your employees spend searching for mail or packages, the more money your department loses. SCLogic’s in-building logistics platform, Intra, provides visibility of your documents, packages, and service requests so that your mailroom can provide delivery employees and end-users with their packages as soon as possible. Having minimal downtime per package in your SLA establishes trust that your mailroom works effectively and that your end-users will receive exactly what they need quickly when it’s most important.   

Total Customers Served

Total customers served relates more to KPIs than SLAs for mailroom managers, but should be measured, nonetheless. Knowing the number of people your mailroom has served over time – a day, a week, a month, or a year, can help you justify additional investments for your mail center. With the influx of mail and packages for many facilities amid COVID-19, the number of customers your mailroom has served this past year may be excessive compared to years past, leaving your mailroom with a lack of resources and workforce to maintain previously established SLAs with end-users. As many departments’ budgets are being cut during this time, we’re here to help you show stakeholders just how critical your mailroom’s success is to overall business objectives. 

SCLogic’s Intra: The Comprehensive Solution for Your Mailroom

The mailroom is ever-changing, and with digital initiatives at the forefront, making sure your mailroom is set up for success is where our team comes in. From daily mailroom challenges to large-scale organizational issues, SCLogic’s facilities management and in-building logistics software, Intra, provides configurable workflows based on your mailroom’s unique pain points. Your daily duties as a mailroom manager should be supplemented with modern and innovative technical assistance so that you can focus on what’s important: the people. To learn how our team can help you, email [email protected] or schedule a demo with us by clicking here!