Government agencies exist within a fast-moving environment, and their processes have little room for error. Every facet of each agency must operate at its maximum efficiency. The logistical workflow of each facility must be expansive enough to accommodate all of the activities handled on-site while ensuring complete accountability. Let’s examine the top three in-building logistics workflows for government facilities.

Package Tracking Workflow with Purchase Order Line Item Receiving (POLIR)

A package tracking workflow allows an organization to use in-building logistics software to streamline incoming packages, dispatch couriers, confirm the chain-of-custody, and measure productivity. SCLogic customers using the Intra platform also have the opportunity to integrate our P.O. Line Item Receiving (POLIR) functionality with their financial application (ERP system). POLIR ties together the purchase order, tracking number, and paid voucher for all-encompassing purchase visibility and accountability.

Asset Logistics Workflow

An asset logistics workflow allows an organization to use in-building logistics software to manage all assets that exist within a facility, such as computers, chairs, phones, and paintings. Most asset tracking platforms enable users to perform a myriad of tasks such as manage surplus, track item assignments, perform asset audits, streamline incoming requests for new assets, or grant permission to recycle old/broken assets. If an item moves around your facility, an in-building logistics platform should be able to track it.

Task Management Workflow

The last workflow that we will examine deals with task management. The task management workflow allows an organization to use software to streamline a series of facility-related tasks, such as mail runs, bathroom cleaning, and fire extinguisher audits. With this workflow, users can prioritize task requests, dispatch service workers, and confirm request completions. In-building logistics software can also track time spent on tasks by scanning the location barcode at the start and finish. With task management, staff can not only oversee the completion of tasks but can also measure the productivity of an employee and the department as a whole.

Do you work for a government agency? Are you satisfied with the in-building logistics software at your facility? Let us know in the comments section below or by visiting the contact page of our website.