About Intra

Intra: More Than Just a Software Product

When it comes to software development, there are two things that should be consistently prioritized: innovation and user experience. As a business or university, you deserve customized in-building logistics solutions built for the modern era. As organizations prioritize technology in almost every sector, it is our job to develop a software platform that meets the unique needs of your ever-changing business. Our solution? Intra. Here, our team provides an overview of the extensive capabilities that Intra possesses, and how each of our individualized workgroups can provide your team with streamlined processes, increased oversight, and improved revenue. 

Over 150 EDU Customers

65% Integration Use

375K Pounds of Assets Recycled

Package Tracking & Facilities Management

The foundation of Intra is based on the use of mobile devices and barcodes to track the flow of objects — mail, parcels, property, files/print jobs, or people as they enter and move about your campus or facility. Our Intra in-building logistics platform takes our technology straight to the heart of those charged with managing facility and campus logistics by providing automated, consolidated, and efficient methods to do the following.

  1. Receive and track employee, student, and faculty mail and packages.
  2. Eliminate mailboxes altogether with file-based, barcoded virtual mailboxes.
  3. Collect signatures upon delivery at the pickup window or using rugged mobile devices.
  4. Automatically send text or email notifications upon package arrival.
  5. Retrieve packages through a self-service system such as kiosks or intelligent lockers.
  6. Integrate POLIR (purchase order line item receiving).
  7. Track relevant assets such as computers, desks, technology, etc.
  8. Automate and manage service requests, maintenance issues, print/copy jobs, supply requests, and more.
  9. Receive last-mile tracking information on all USPS, UPS, and FedEx deliveries.

Intra’s Core Goals

Complete Accountability

Full chain-of-custody on anything that moves through your facility, and a ``three-way match`` that ties the purchase order, tracking number, and paid voucher together.

Accessible & IT Friendly

Meet SLAs with superior efficiency through fully-vetted software that meets the strictest security standards and 24/7 technical support via phone, email, or live chat.

Customized Reporting

Create a customized analytics dashboard to ensure that all KPIs are monitored, helping your team increase efficiency, strategize for the future, and improve revenue.

Increased Productivity

Easily schedule and execute deliveries, quickly scan and process inbound packages, and customize Intra to streamline your workflows and close P.Os.

Our Intra Solutions

Intra EDU

Intra EDU is our campus logistics solution to help you expedite workflows across your university. From asset tracking to central receiving, Intra EDU creates a comprehensive system to vastly improve facilities communications.

The following workgroups fall under our Intra EDU offerings, with customized workflows adjusted for your university’s unique needs.

  1. Student & Faculty Mail Services
  2. Campus Services
  3. Central Receiving
  4. Asset Logistics

Intra Enterprise

Intra Enterprise is a facilities management solution for organizations of all sizes. From government agencies to corporate headquarters, Intra Enterprise expedites daily workflows to create a modern and innovative environment.

The following workgroups fall under our Intra Enterprise offerings, with customized workflows adjusted for your company’s unique needs.

  1. Mail & Parcel 
  2. Asset Logistics 
  3. Workplace Services
  4. Document Services